I went hiking the other day, up to Heather Lake. It was a pleasant hike, but there were just a couple more things I wished I had taken. Here’s the complete list for posterity’s sake, and so I have it handy next time I go hiking.

  • pocketknife
  • water
  • snacks
  • camera & mini-tripod
  • tissue
  • layers
  • extra socks
  • rain protection


One of the great things about Linux is its high degree of customizability. But what about when you move to a new computer? To alleviate some of the culture shock I’ve posted some of my favorite config files. This way, wherever you go it’ll feel just like home.

:: .vimrc     what’s this?
:: .zshrc     what’s this?
:: user.js     what’s this?
:: userChrome.css     what’s this?
:: userContent.css     what’s this?

Reading List

  • Les MisÚrables :: Victor Hugo
  • Watership Down :: Richard Adams
  • Atlas Shrugged :: Ann Rand
  • The Invisible Man :: H.G. Wells
  • More by Robert Heinlein
  • The Pragmatic Programmer :: Andrew Hunt
  • Who Moved My Cheese? :: Spencer Johnson
  • Good To Great :: Jim Collins
  • Frankenstein :: Mary Shelley
  • Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde :: Robert Louis Stevenson
  • Bonds That Make Us Free :: C. Terry Warner


  • The Count of Monte Cristo :: Alexandre Dumas

(Not Even) Everything Else

It’s easier to fall behind than to keep up..

Nausica├Ą of the Valley of Wind :: Hayao Miyazaki :: 2006-06-15 :: 9
Mad Hot Ballroom :: Marilyn Agrelo :: 2006-06-08 :: 5
Howl’s Moving Castle :: Hayao Miyazaki :: 2005-08-11 :: 7
When Worlds Collide :: Rudolph Mat :: 2005-07-01 :: 6
Whale Rider :: Niki Caro :: 2005-06-30 :: 6
The Best Years Of Our Lives :: William Wyler :: 2005-05-02 :: 7
To Catch A Thief :: Alfred Hitchcock :: 2005-05-01 :: 6

Millennium Actress :: Satoshi Kon

As much as I have enjoyed anime by Hayao Miyazaki, I can’t really say I enjoyed Millennium Actress.

The story jumped around quite a bit, not only through space but also time. I found the complete disregard for space and time continuity throughout much of the film difficult to figure out, and distracting at best.

Admittedly, I don’t know much about Japanese film history, which I guess Millennium Actress was something of a tribute to. Perhaps this added to my confusion.

From Coder to Developer :: Mike Gunderloy

I was expecting more..

Most of the tips offered in this book are basic. As a senior majoring in CS, there was little that I had not heard before. One strong point of the book, however, is how Gunderloy ties together all the loose ends of the development cycle. This book gives an excellent high-level overview of everything that should be happening throughout a development cycle, from project conception to release date and beyond.

The book is very heavily tied to VS .NET 2003; many chapters are little more than listings and explanation of VS add-ons and extensions, giving little value to anyone not using this particular IDE.

Firefox Extensions

I find myself constantly digging through the Firefox Add-ons site looking for the same extensions. Since they don’t have a list on their site linking to just the extension I like, I thought I’d put one on my site.

Here are some I’m just trying out:

Windows only:



Search Engines

The default list is really pretty good. I always add:

Greasemonkey Scripts

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