Washington Maps and GIS Data

One of the best sources of Washington map data is (surprisingly) Washington State Office of Financial Management.

WA OFM Geospatial Data
Some useful Census data (like water features), but as Windows self-extracting zip exe’s(!). I get the same md5sum’s “running” it under wine as I do by renaming the .exe to a .zip and unziping it.

has data for all of Washington State–satellite photos, .tiff topo maps, and DEMs.
Digital Ortho Quads (registerd gray-scale photos with 1-meter pixel size)
Digital Raster Graphics (scanned 7.5′ topo maps)
clipped Digital Raster Graphics (scanned 7.5′ topo maps without borders)
10-meter DEMs (by 7.5′ quad; look here for other formats)

KC GIS Center
Don’t bother looking here; these datasets are only available to County employees or on a $200+ DVD. The datasets are browseable through iMAP, but all you can get out of it is a screenshot.

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