Florida Maps and GIS Data

Florida has all kinds of great data available. The two sites I’ve been working with are

FDOT has many different Road and Road Data datasets, but unfortunately most of them do not contain street names, only road ID numbers.

The “Roads with Local Names” dataset includes street names for 14599 roads statewide, but does not contain neighborhood streets.

FGLD has USGS 1:24k road maps, but they too forgot to include the street names.

FGLD also has TIGER maps at 1:100k; they’re newer, and include the street names. Both the TIGER and USGS road maps must be downloaded on a county-by-county basis.

FGLD even has numerous line and polygon hydrographic maps. I got to these by clicking ‘download’ on the TIGER road map and then changing the Data Layer.

Unfortuneatly, all the FGLD maps use the Albers Conical Equal Area projection, which GPSMapEdit can’t read. MapWindow GIS can–but I haven’t figured out how to export anything from that program yet.

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