Shell Script

A fun little shell script:


DVD Backups

DVD Decrypter faithfully copies disks to drives. Mode ISO > Read will produce an .iso of a disk; a double-layer disk will produce an 8GB .iso. The File mode just copies all the files as-is straight from the disk into a VIDEO_TS folder. DVD Decrypter looks like it can also burn .isos by changing the Mode to ISO > Write, but I haven’t tried it yet.

ImgBurn is great for burning .iso files to a DVD. Just insert a DVD, choose your source file, and click the button.

DVD Shrink will create a 4GB .iso from a double-layer disk!


For encoding for iPhone I like that HandBrake has iPhone presets. Just open the disk, select the preset, and click Start. When it’s done just drag the .m4v into iTunes, sync, and go.

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