Crystal Singer

Access your music anywhere.

Freeman Family, et al.

Genealogy of the Freeman, Weiss, Feil, Bartow, and other ancestor families.

Joseph Smith Timeline

An interactive timeline detailing the events in the life of the Mormon Prophet, Joseph Smith.


A simple, intelligent, free, spreadsheet-based budget anyone can use.

Project Textbook

A collection of free, on-line, university-level textbooks.

Steve Hulet

My homepage. Really just a place for me to take notes.


Fresh Consulting

Fresh Consulting: Full-service business consulting focusing on emerging web technologies.


Web2Review: Organizing the worlds web 2.0 apps, tools, services, and more.

other sites

Gmail Themes

Images used in the new Gmail Themes.


Dates for Major US Holidays, 1900-2400.

HTML to Wiki Converter

Converts HTML to Wiki markup.

iPhone Web Apps

Varioius websites reformatted for optimal iPhone viewing.


Converts between different latitude and longitude formats.


A tiny SVN repository.

How Much Is The 520 Toll?

Up-to-date quick resource for current 520 bridge toll rates.

limited availability